Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Made it to MN!

Yesterday Lisa and I successfully made the trip to MN to visit her family. We arrived late last night around 915. We we're quite tired upon arrival and were content to head to bed after some hellos. Today though we were on full action. I am not sure I have been this tired after a day of not riding in quite awhile!

I began the day with a nice run; although, it was NM windy with cooler temperatures, so it was a bit chilly. After a nice breakfast, we decided it was time for the MN tradition of some hockey. We headed on over to the pond at the golf course where the ice was in near perfect condition. With good ice and some goals made of tree branches, it was time to play hockey. After 2hrs, we decided it was time to head home for lunch. I was quite tired having not skated in several years, but I was very happy!

Deciding I hadn't had enough for the day, I headed up to the fieldhouse to play racquetball with Mike and Tim (father and brother-in-law). It was another hour of beatings and running around. We had a nice round of horse, too. I'm just going to leave it at this; I was beaten at everything today! I had loads of fun though.

After all the activity, dinner was a nice surprise of Mabe's pizza. Mabe's is the pizza place from our college town, so it was really fun to have some pizza from there after a few years. I suppose the question is "how did they get it?" Long story short, the timing was convenient that Lisa's parents had it delivered by a person they knew who was coming from Decorah yesterday. They do take-n-bake, so it was perfect! A full day's worth of activities, good fun, and good food: I am ready for sleeping!

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