Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gold Baby!

I am officially "gold" status on Star Alliance! I am in the lounge at Chicago O'Hare prior to my flight over to Zurich and ultimately Luxembourg. There is really no relevance to the fact that I am gold status, but it has allowed me to make this post.

It has been a tornado like few weeks in the Midwest, and I am extremely sad to be leaving. It is time to start the 2012 season with our team presentation on the 6th though, so I am off again. My time at home has been great. We visited my parents, Lisa's parents, and Decorah. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing family and friends, having good rides, some good runs, and some good dinner conversations. Heck, I even played a little hockey!

I suppose the big question looming is "did he rename his blog?" As you can see, I can finally answer that with a yes. I have to be honest that this title was not in my original consideration, but there was an "ah-ha" moment a few days ago that finally decided it for me. It is a very clever title that can apply in so many ways to my life. I appreciate everyone who has submitted their creative ideas. As I said before, it was not easy for me, but this title naturally fell into place as we were bouncing from one place to the next over the last few weeks.

Well, my lounge time has run out, time to fly. Next update from across the pond!


BigCahunico said...

Safe travels, good luck, God Bless.

daveR said...

Gold Star, for your flying status and your incredible exploits on the "break"


TimK said...

Best wishes with the 2012 season, I'm looking forward to following all of your exploits!

daveR said...


Thought you might want to get a pair of these for the on bike photo shoots when it is cold enough for gloves.

good times, dave