Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tough Decisions!

Ok everybody, I have been trying hard to sort through the great suggestions that have trickled in, and you have not made it easy on me! Honestly, there is more than one winner in this, but I am working to figure out exactly how I am going to choose. I was thinking it might be time to get away from the chaos/joy theme, but I realize just how fitting it is after my time being at home. It is so nice to be at home, eating Mom's food, seeing my brother/sister, and riding on some familiar roads with my Dad and old teammates, but this is the crunch time for me to take care of the things I can't do while in Spain. I will just say that it has created more than a little stress for me. As for the renaming of my blog, it actually has weighed quite heavily on me, too! Funny how something seemingly so simple can do that. Due to the difficulty of the decision, I decided to print out a list of all the suggestions and put it to a vote with my family. In the end, there were some front runners, but my decision was not made. I am working hard on it, but I ask for a little more patience please.

For other news, I have been trying to ride as best I can. The weather has been good considering the time of year but not spectacular. The time schedule has been pretty full as well with different appointments and things to do. We had a fun night decorating Christmas cookies with the family. The creativity didn't seem to be flowing as much this year as last year, but some gems still were put together. Check out Twitter for the evidence. I am excited for the upcoming Christmas gatherings, so I can see my extended family and enjoy good food and conversation. Oh, how could I forget! This past Sunday was a day for joy and sorrow. It began nicely with a celebratory brunch for my sister on the completion of her Master's, but it was then dampened with the defeat of the Packers in KC. Congratulations Amanda and darn you KC! I guess it had to happen sometime, but it seems unfair that it did. Hopefully they'll bounce back and carry on winning. Ok, I better get back to work with these big decisions! Merry Christmas!


Jones said...

When you won Nationals, Hincapie said you were "a very suitable national champion". So this year the blog could be called "a very suitable blog".

Anonymous said...

Dude. COME ON. Mine was the best, by FAR. I hope your mother voted for my title.