Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kloden in Yellow!

It was a good day for Team RadioShack in Paris-Nice. Andreas Kloden took the stage victory and yellow jersey on what is considered the queen stage of the race. It was a really hard stage, and it is really awesome to see Kloden take home the victory. Tomorrow is the TT, and competition will be tough, but I have a good feeling that Kloden can make a real run at holding the jersey.

For me today was pretty difficult. The stage started really difficult with attacks and the normal happenings. It took a really long time for the break to go. The first 90 minutes were super hard. I was dropped going up the category 1, but made my way back on the descent. Then the stage got pretty hard when attacks began flying on the category 2 climb about 130km in. The pace from there didn't relent. It was up and down another two climbs/descents. Then the final descent was crazy fast and twisty. I was nearly dizzy by the bottom. In the final valley, there was a group of 7 guys up the road, and I went to the front to help pull them back. We had them within 10 seconds at the turn to the final climb, and my job and day were done. I pulled the plug and rode it in. It's getting late now, so I best get to bed. Ciao.

Find more information about the race/stage on VeloNews or CyclingNews or or the RadioShack website.


Phil Cianciola said...

So THAT explains why I didn't see you up there on the lead-out for AK. You already did your part earlier! So now you're riding with the team defending the yellow. Great stuff.

-Hip in Tosa

Kyle J said...

I knew you were pulling that back! Nice work catching on the decent! You must be getting better at going downhill!

Anonymous said...

The versus coverage showed us some of your tremendous effort to reel in the break! Very fun to watch. I hope we will see Kolden in yellow all the way to the end! Go Shack!!