Friday, March 11, 2011

Bed Time Story

The story goes that I have returned from the food room after retrieving a small bowl of cereal as a bed time snack. To be specific, the cereal was part Special K Red Berries and part Special K Yogurt with a drizzle of honey over the top. Anyway, I am enjoying my cereal, but toward the end I begin to cough a little because something went in/down wrong. Then Levi says, "Slow down man. I'm not giving you the Heimlich! Plus I don't know how." We start laughing and say that I would be over here coughing/choking, and he would be saying, "Hold on, I am Googling how to do the Heimlich." Then I finished the cereal and he says, "Are you done finally? Sounds like you're playing the drums." Evidently I was clanging.

Then a short while later, Levi starts giving me a hard time about this or that. Anyway, we got into looking things up on the internet and talking about funny things. Then we got into talking about funny cycling stuff, and I told him to Google "Gray Wolf Tucson". It's a very unique cyclist in Tucson who I encourage you all to take a look at. Now we have diverged into the massive web of videos on YouTube. Good stuff.

Quickly about the stage. Yes disappointing that we lost the jersey, but it was not for a lack of effort. For me, it was more of a rest day because I needed to conserve my energy for hopefully defending the jersey. Unfortunately no defense tomorrow but hopefully Sunday! Ok way too late, good night!


Lisa said...

Well you tell Levi he'd better study up because personally, I kind of like having you around!

Anonymous said...

The Gray Wolf is hilarious...