Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's Getting Difficult!

The fourth stage was a beauty today. I tried to get into the breakaway as directed by the team knowing it was a good day for the break but no luck. I was near the front when Voeckler attacked, but holy cow did he go so fast that I never would have been able to follow. Kudos to the guys who were able to!

For me, I felt good on the bike today and am hoping it carries through to tomorrow. After the break was gone, it was the normal tempo riding in the field. It was nervous at moments, especially after a crash on a slippery descent that took out Levi (he is a-ok), but normally it was pretty relaxed. Nearing the end of the stage it of course got difficult. The final two climbs were pretty tough and maybe even more difficult were the final 25km. After the final descent, it was big rolling hills and super fast trying to catch the break. I was totally on the rivet for a while but survived to the finish.

Today's weather was again good. We have been really lucky so far. It was the second day in a row I gave my legs a little sun bathing. I might be the palest guy in the peloton! A little embarrassing. Tomorrow is supposed to be good weather again I think, but I don't think it will be the first thing on my mind. Probably the most difficult stage thus far, and for sure the first big and real shake-up in the GC. I better get to dreaming happy thoughts because I am relatively certain that tomorrow there will be plenty of painful ones!


TimK said...

Good luck tomorrow Matthew! Thanks for keeping us posted. You're a strong climber, tomorrow will be a good stage for you.

DaveR said...

Great stories and I can't wait to hear about Klodi's win from stage 5.

be safe and have fun