Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's Bed Time!

Ok I really need to be getting to bed, but for sure I need to update my peeps! Yesterday for stage two, it was super nervous again in the field. If anyone saw the coverage on TV, I am sure you noticed the half-dozen or so crashes that took place. It was pure mayhem for no reason. Ok not no reason, but it definitely did not have to be like it was. Everyone is fighting to be at the front because they are worried about the notorious cross winds and what not, but the conditions were not bad! That means there is no reason for everyone to be so nervous and crazy! RadioShack managed to avoid most of the trouble. Kloden went down but was pretty much unscathed. Levi and I were caught up together in another crash where we had to unclip. And I was impeded by another 1 or 2 crashes by the end of the stage as well. It was really silly and quite aggravating to be honest. And I tried desperately to get to the front, but that was impossible.

For today's stage, it brought a welcome change of more rolling hills and a 2nd category climb near the end of the stage. I felt pretty strong today and was happy with how I felt especially at the end of the day. I stayed out of trouble and am excited to begin more real climbing tomorrow. The stage has 7 categorized climbs and will certainly put the hurt on a few people. I'll try to report on tomorrow's stage. Bed time!


Phil Cianciola said...

Great report. Keep 'em coming. 3:00 central time every afternoon I have to be in front of a TV watching. Roads look crazy-narrow. Have not seen you yet in any shots on TV. Radio Shack not getting much pub, so lets change that with some climbing now!

--Hip in Tosa

Big Cahunico said...

Glad to see you are still in the mix. Thanks for the updates. Good luck manana!

Kyle J said...

Good Luck!!

DaveR said...

Looking good and hope the hills favor your fitness.