Monday, March 7, 2011

Stage One Paris-Nice

The first stage of Paris-Nice was interesting. It started off with no one really even riding. It was super slow and casual. Without me even knowing it, two guys were let go off the front and became "the break". Their lead didn't last long though when a couple teams started pulling. They were reeled in with 50km to go, so the chaos ensued.

The day had already been really nervous because of narrow roads and some winds, but once the field was all together it became dangerous. I was trying super hard to find a way to the front of the field in the last 40km, but the narrow roads made it impossible. One time I was close, and then the field split in a cross wind. Once we reintegrated I was caught behind a crash that completely blocked the road. With my legs feeling totally blocked/dead all day and after chasing hard twice, I couldn't muster anything to stay with the field on the cross-wind finishing straight.  It was really disappointing to me, but I am not worrying about it too much because my job this week is to be an excellent domestique. I want to do my best for the team and make them believe in me and my ability to do the job. Unfortunately yesterday was not much of a testament to it, but I am leaving that in the past.

Today is stage two and cross-winds usually wreak havoc on the field. I hope my legs are stronger today, and I can help my team leaders to stay safe. Chao.


Big Cahunico said...

Your attitude is outstanding! Keep it and things will work out.

E. Griffin said...

Watched the stage last night, that wind looked brutal when it split the peloton. What can you do when you are chasing a break with Jens Voight?

DaveR said...

great picture of you in VeloNews riding with Levi. Chapeau.

Phil Cianciola said...

What Griffin said...I mean it was Jens man! The wind looked nasty on TV for sure....blew the peloton apart in a hurry.

Looking forward to watching and reading your reports on the race...keep 'em coming Matthew.

--Hip in Tosa