Tuesday, February 15, 2011

4.5... 6... eh, what's the difference.

Steve and Danny rolling on the way home. The Pyrenees up by
Olot today were gorgeous, even in the cloudiness.

The story of my training today was is there a difference between 4.5 and 6 hours in the saddle? I would have to say that there is a difference, quite a big one, too! I was only slated to do training of 4.5 hours, but when the opportunity came about to do a ride I have been wanting to do for a while, I couldn't pass it up. I went out with Danny Pate and Steve Cozza. I believe the ride usually takes around 5.5 hours, but due to some wet conditions and lack of mid-season form and motivation to kill it, the ride ended up closer to 6. The highlight of the ride was probably the little town up in the middle of the mountains the ride is named for called Rupit. We stopped in there after 3:45 in the saddle and just in the knick of time because they were closing basically when we got there. Literally, we walked in the door, got some stares from the 6-8 locals sitting at the counter/bar, then went to the bakery case to order something to eat and when we turned around, they had all left! Nonetheless, it was a tasty coffee and a pretty good egg sandwich to help power the ride home.
Danny is wondering what I am doing...
Maybe checking to see if I am ok? I think!

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Phil Cianciola said...

Who was taking the pictures while you were eating egg sandwiches?

--Hip in Tosa