Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's Thursday

That means yesterday was Wednesday and my rest day (for this week anyway). Lisa and I took full advantage of my short ride and were able to have a few adventures. We started our afternoon with a walk down to the park at the bottom of the hill from our apartment. It was there that I was gifted (for Valentine's Day) a set of ping-pong paddles. Why you ask? Because this particular park has outdoor ping-pong tables! And so with the awesome gift, we played the best of three in which I barely snuck out the win. It was weird though that despite our rotating one side of the table had all the wins...

Amazing capture of some ping-pong action!
Post ping-pong, we needed a little refueling, so we were delighted to stop at a cafe we have been wanting to try and get a small treat. Actually I got a whole sandwich because I was super low on energy after the morning's training. After the cafe, we started a journey to a lookout Lisa found while out running and really wanted to show me. After hiking up and up, then a little down, but then up some more, we arrived at "Montanya de la O". It was a lovely place with a beautiful view of the city and a nice back drop of the Pyrenees. Unfortunately they had clouded over mostly, so they were only barely visible if you looked really closely.

A view from "O" mountain
After "O" mountain, we finished a hiking loop back down into the city and wandered through the maze of cobbled streets that is Old Town Girona looking for any new shops we might like or anything new we would have to put on our list of "to try or see". We found a couple places but nothing super cool; I think we have finally "out-wandered and seen" Girona; highly unlikely though.

One of the chefs at work
After the very long hike/walk it was time to get home because waiting for us for dinner was our first crack at making SUSHI! Post cutting up our ingredients and preparing everything, it was time to fill and roll our seaweed. We made two different varieties consisting of avocado, carrot, and cucumber; one with cream cheese and one without. Overall, our first attempt at Sushi was a success and we will certainly be trying again. Next time though, we might venture into the realm of fish and other more exotic ingredients. We really didn't have the time or confidence to try it with our first go of it.

Finished product
Let's Eat!
Today I was up early and out the door at 8am to get my ride done before the rain hit and to be home hopefully in time to catch the repairman at the house. Unfortunately I got lightly rained on for the last 30 minutes or so and I missed him! No big deal on either account though. I didn't melt and Lisa seems to have sorted things out with the repairman. He was there to check on cleaning or replacing our clothes washer because... well let's just say it needs to be. It is the one thing we really didn't look too closely at before moving in, and although it works, it is too dirty (moldy) to be healthy to be washing clothes in. Plus it almost electrocuted me, so it has to go!

After training and having a nice lunch, it was time to kill the rainy day, so Lisa suggested we run errands out at the mall and try to find things we still are in search of for the house. Well two bus rides, at least a dozen stores, many receipts, and five hours later we are finally back home. Funny thing is though, most of what we came home with was food! We found a couple things we were looking for, but like it usually goes, the intended items were not found, but others were. Oh well, that gives Lisa things to do while I am training or racing.

I'm tired and have another big training day tomorrow, so I best be off to bed. Good night.

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Thanks for a great post recapturing a great day hun!! <3