Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Getting Sorted

Things are getting settled in Girona for Lisa and me now. We signed the contract for our apartment this morning and should be getting the keys to move in on Thursday. That is really the last day we can afford to move in because I am leaving for camp on Friday, so we need to get Lisa moved in and let her have the task of sorting the place out while I am gone. Then she can properly claim her share of closet and bathroom space, too. Kidding! It's all good; we share space wonderfully.

On other notes, the weather has gotten progressively nicer the last few days. The wind has died down and switched more southerly, meaning the temperature has risen a few degrees. Today I had a nice 5 hours with a few folks. We rolled out to the coast for some great views of the Mediterranean and very pleasant, sunny weather. It was a very nice ride and a good way to cap off some solid riding since I have arrived. It hasn't been anything super, but it is just good to be able to get the legs some more consistent hours now. They were definitely rebelling the first couple rides, but now they are coming around a bit and I am feeling more proper on the bike. Soon enough the intervals will come!

I just finished a "scooter-run-along" session with Lisa. She hadn't left for her run before I got home from training, so I told her I would come out on the scooter and give her some company. It turned out really sweet. She got to do a little exploring with the added security of having me there and we found a sweet loop. It was really fun and we saw a nice sunset over the mountains.

Now it is time to decide what is for dinner. There is a good possibility the pizza joint at the bottom of the hill might be winning. We haven't eaten there before, but it is supposed to be good and we really haven't yet bought proper groceries because we didn't want to buy them and move them again from here to the apartment. We don't really have anything real for dinner though, so pizza might be the winner. It is just a little too far to go to the grocery store from here. Not like being in town and having groceries on every corner. But we shall see what the night brings.

I'll try to get some pictures of our apartment up as we go and updates from camp as it progresses, but things could get busy the next few days. Thanks for checking in!


Anonymous said...

Got the hat today! Thanks!


Shane C. said...

Of all the photos on the Shack website, why is it not surprising that, with his love of food and cooking, Matthew would be shown eating......