Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hello from Team Camp

The view from Sant Salvador
Sant Salvador Monument, where I rode with Ben.

Hello! Sorry for the delay in updates, but internet is 20 euro a week at our camp hotel so for now I am skimping. That means I am without any sort of free time entertainment. I can't read cycling news or track world happenings or (most importantly!) blog. I'm going with plan B here, which is to type up a short entry on my blackberry and send it to my secretary (a.k.a. Lisa) to post!

After a busy day Thursday moving into our new apartment, I left Girona Friday morning for Mallorca. I arrived at the team hotel mid-afternoon, where I will be rooming with Sam Bewley for the next two weeks. The rest of the team trickled in throughout the afternoon and night, while I went for about 2.5 hours training with Ben King. It was a fun ride. We could see a large monument on a small mountain close by and decided we were going to try to find our way to it! We were rewarded with a pretty stellar view at the top, which you can see above. We then proceeded to circum-navigate our way back to the hotel, which was a bit of an adventure... we had to stop and ask for directions twice!

The Bounty!
Our first real day of camp on Saturday consisted of a 4 hour ride around the island. It was fairly uneventful, but nice to be back with the team. We saw a lot of other cyclists out on the roads. Mostly local yocals I think, but maybe I am wrong and it was a lot of others coming for some winter training; it is pretty nice here as as far as I can tell.

It feels good and exciting to be getting ready for my second season; although, it hardly feels like a year has passed. We've got 6 hours on the bike on tap for today. It is clear this morning with mostly blue skies. I guess that means I should sign off and get ready for training!

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Ani_Mal said...

Hello! first time commenter....the local-yocal's prompted the reply. In my experiences we've affectionately referred to them as local rumdums. Maybe a little less fashionable, but catchy nonetheless.

Thanks for the experiences...