Friday, January 21, 2011

Apartment Found

At least that is what we are saying for now. We have not signed the final paperwork, but after seeing 4 more apartments this morning and sitting at a cafe for a while after the last one, we came to the conclusion that our pick is probably the best.

We did one of those charts that weighs pros/cons or lists and ranks criteria. Similar to what we did when picking colleges. In the end, there was a not a clear winner because all of our choices had different advantages, so that made it somewhat difficult. It was nice though to be able to pick between good choices, instead of having to choose the lesser of not god. After being honest with ourselves and looking at the situation reasonably, we came to a sensible agreement on an apartment that has a less ideal location, but had good amenities and was economically responsible.

We are excited to start moving in, but not until we sign the final paperwork and get approval from the landlords. Hopefully by Tuesday or Wednesday all things will be clear and we can get moved in before I leave for training camp.

On other notes, Lisa and I had good training today. We have both enjoyed the warmer weather. However, it has been the coldest it has been here probably all winter. It seems we have brought the Midwest winter with us. There are some strong winds blowing straight off the mountains and cooling it down for sure, but 50ish degrees with strong winds and nice sun has still been a nice change from the snow and well below freezing temps we were experiencing in the Midwest.

In case anyone is concerned about my bicycle, it has supposedly been delivered... but not to me! I somewhat expected it to happen this way, so hopefully I can dig it up tomorrow. In the past I have always given the delivery driver Levi's address, but they can never find it and then it is really hard to connect with them. This time I told them to deliver it to the golf club house down the street from me. Usually they call to say they are delivering, so I expected it this time, too.

After not hearing from them, I figured they just didn't deliver and would get it tomorrow. Well, to check on it, I called the company tonight and found out they had delivered it to "reception". What does that mean?? I have no idea! I think there are only two possibilities if they got it to the correct area, so hopefully tomorrow I can find it! Wish me luck! Time for sleeping.

Does anyone see a problem here? Hint: the wind was very strong today!

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Kyle J said...

Watch out the garbage cans are ready to attack!