Friday, December 24, 2010

MN Fun

Last night was great fun at the Savre family Christmas party. Great food, company, and gifts for all. The drive home to Glencoe was the most interesting part as it was snowing fairly heavily and the roads had a solid inch plus on them. It was my first time driving in solid snow for quite a while and probably the first time I have driven my car in the snow. Things were interesting, but I kept it on the road and made it home. It was a late night, but a lot of fun catching up with people and it was great to be back in Glencoe.

Today the snow has mostly quit, but a few flakes still linger. I headed out into the snow covered landscape to treat myself to the first gravel roads of the year. The ride turned out incredibly nice and the weather was great. Despite the temperatures only being about 25, there was minimal wind and the sun poked through once in a while to keep things pleasant. I ended up doing almost 3.5 hours, consisting of 75-80% gravel roads; it was really nice.

Tonight is Christmas with Lisa's immediate family. A great dinner, Christmas Eve church, and gift exchange is on tap. I am sure some other excitement will come as well, but not entirely certain yet. Perhaps some cards or a movie. Merry Christmas to all!

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DavidR said...

Merry Christmas and stay warm in the fresh winter air.