Sunday, January 2, 2011

Good to be "Home"

Lisa and I have arrived safely in Decorah for a week of good times. It all starts today with our one year anniversary! Love you girl! Then for the rest of the week it will be good company, good riding, good hunting and generally good times hanging out.

Happy New Years to everyone. Lisa and I were fortunate enough to spend New Years Eve with a good group of Luther alumni in the Twin Cities. It was a good time and really nice to catch up with people we haven't seen very much over the past year plus. Happy to say no crazy/bad incidents, just good hang time with some dancing, socialization and smiles! Hope everyone had a great New Years Eve and has some positive resolutions (goals) for the upcoming year.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Lisa! Sorry we couldn't get together.


DavidR said...

Happy Anniversary and enjoy the family time. We are about to head back to the LC from Utah.