Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Heading North!

Tomorrow Lisa and I are headed to the great state of Minnesota. Our venture there will begin with a stop at the Savre grandparents for Lisa's family Christmas. It should be a great time. Haven't seen most of these people since January, so it will be nice.

Last couple days have been really nice. Last night Lisa and I drove down to Zion to see the other side of grandparents. It was a nice evening with some delicious Chicken Alfredo and plenty of cookies and hot chocolate. A few of the local family members came over to say hi to us and ask how our first year of marriage and cycling have been. It was very good to see them and chat a bit.

Yesterday and today I got to ride with some of my old teammates. The weather has been very nice for the last couple days. Today it was sunny and mid 30's. It was great to catch up with them. After the ride yesterday, my mother had sloppy joes ready for consumption, so we consumed and enjoyed some more good conversation.

Recently I also did a PodCast with local radio man Phil Cianciola. You can find it at, and click on PhilCast shows. I'll check in from MN next!


Anonymous said...

Dude, I totally won the blog re-naming contenst for real! Sweeeeeet!


Anonymous said...

Well I still feel like a champion at heart Garrett.


Anonymous said...

Don't you ever lose that feeling Brian!


Kyle J said...

Sloppy joes, cookies and muffins!! Oh and all the hot coffee!! Delicious!