Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Baby Steps

With my antibiotics, decongestant and ibuprofen doing their magic, I strapped on the training wheels yesterday and attempted to ride my bicycle. I hadn't trained in three days and was excited to be rolling out of the garage yesterday, but little did I realize what my body had been through. I was a little surprised at how hard it was to pedal the bike. I knew coming off of sickness I needed to be careful, but the pace at which my body allowed me to go was something even a 4 year old would consider slow. I probably couldn't even have gotten a speeding ticket in a retirement park where they post speed limits of 10mph! I had picked a route that on a typical easy day would take maybe 2 hours, but on this very special day, it took me nearly 2.5 hours. Certainly a little more than I probably wanted/needed, but I survived.
Today I went out again for about 2 hours. I felt much more spry at the beginning of the ride because my body perhaps wasn't so shocked from a lack of riding in three days, but I still know I had to keep it easy. I tried to give it a little stick on a short climb to see what my body might be feeling and clear out my lungs/sinuses a bit. Wow! It was this little test that really validated to me how much my body has been rendered powerless by this immune system attacking monster.
This lack of energy/power is something I could easily freak out about, but I know that I need to let this thing run its course. It is these baby steps of easy, slow rides that are going to complete my road to recovery. Despite the less than ideal timing of all of this, I believe it happened for a reason and I will come out of it stronger and with more motivation. For now, I get to enjoy a little more down time, internet surfing, tv time and errand running/preparation for Lisa's arrival in less than 36 hours! Be well!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Matthew-well I am sure you do not remember us but our daughter Janet Schille use to babysit you and your brother!!!Yup-that is correct!!!
We talked to your dad as he was walking the "pup" that your parents have!!They are so proud of you-and we can see why!!!You have done well with your biking!!!Our congratulations go out to you and your wife--and by the way-she is beautiful!!!Take care and if you have time please give Gene and I an e-mail-we would love to hear from you!!!Again great job!!!
Your old neighbors Gene and Linda Schille