Saturday, May 15, 2010

New Happenings in Spain

I suppose it has been a bit since I have updated and a few things have happened. Currently I am watching the muddy finish of the Giro, pretty sweet. Can only imagine what it would have been like in the old days. Anyway, as far as my health, I am feeling much closer to normal on an everyday basis, however, I still have a fair amount of sinus drainage, just can't get rid of it. My riding is getting a bit better. I am regaining a bit of my strength, but am certainly still lacking anything resembling the form I had coming out of Romandie. No panic however because I know I had it at one point and with patience it will come back.
Other notes, Lisa arrived safely on Thursday! We have enjoyed our short time together so far. We explored Girona a bit yesterday. I think Lisa likes it so far. Last night we met with the landlord and signed the lease on our first apartment in Spain! Then we bought Lisa a pretty little key-ring for her key. The spare key we had made for the apartment cost 9 euro! What a rip! After getting the apartment stuff taken care of, we had our first dinner in Girona. We chose a restaurant on the Rambla (walking mall area by the river). Neither of us were impressed and will likely not be returning there for another meal.
Following dinner, I took Lisa to one of my favorite places (of the few I know in Girona) for a crepe. The attraction is not necessarily the deliciousness of the crepes, but more the vibe of the restaurant. It is built inside of an old building and has a lot of character with such things as a school bus inside the building with a table inside of it! And the tables have paper place mats and crayons! We enjoyed our time together and joined the clean plate club!
Other news would be that the weather is finally breaking and the sun is shining on/off today! How wonderful it is. Lisa has run a few times and I think she is enjoying it. Once we get settled into the new apartment and she gets a bit of routine, I think/hope she finds it well here and is happy. Tonight I believe we are going to go to a big department store and grab a cart (maybe two!) and walk the isles just grabbing nearly everything to outfit our apartment and get all sorted. That's all for now.

Picture 1: Lisa dressed me up with a flower from our salad at dinner
Picture 2: The keys to our apartment!
Picture 3: Lisa enjoying her banana and chocolate crepe
Picture 4: Clean plate club... go us!


Shane C. said...

Seems anywhere but California is a more comfortable place to be right now. Hope all is going well in Spain. Take care.

Carson said...

Hope all is well man!

Your on the cover of the Luther Alumni Magazine. Sweet article!

Shane C. said...

Good luck at the tour of Belgium. Just saw you were heading there on the Shack website. Hope you back up to snuff.