Sunday, January 31, 2010

Crepes it was!

Unfortunately no steak burritos were had last night, however they were made this afternoon for dinner. I believe the quote from Lisa's mouth was "these are better than good." Sweet! Last night though, crepes were made and enjoyed. The picture shows the variety of toppings available for us. Lisa's favorite was strawberry yogurt, brown sugar and blueberries. I enjoyed that, but partook also in the nutella, plain yogurt and blueberries. The chocolate taste that followed after the blueberries and yogurt was sensational. Enough about food though.

Lisa and I are here at Milagro, one of our favorite coffee shops to take care of some final thank yous for the wedding, our gift list and enjoy some more time together. There never seems to be enough time in the day for all these things, but they must be done! We have a delicious mint-chocolate steamer and a raspberry-cream cheese brown to share... I have eaten most of both so far. Oh, no more food talk!

The ride today was nice. A simple classic down to Lord's Ranch with some of the local riders. It was very nice and the weather was great. About 50 degrees, partly cloudy and open roads! Following the ride, I washed bikes and prepared them for sale/storage/shipment. I will be selling my Gary Fisher frame (pics on facebook), so if interested inquire within!
Ok, enough for today, I have business to tend to.


Lisa said...

Mmmmmm... yummy crepes!! Thanks for being my own personal chef. :)

jesper2 said...

Thanks for the nice ride, Matt. Good luck in Spain and with the whole 2010 season. We'll be rooting for ya.

- Martin

Cindy said...

Love the pictures (blog, too). Keep them coming!!