Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's Go Time

It is with a sorrowful joy that I blog today. Joyous because I have been married happily for one month, time flies when you are having fun! Happy Anniversary Lisa! Joyous because life is great. Joyous because I fly out for the beginning of an experience of a lifetime tomorrow. Joyous because I have wonderful friends and family. So where is the sorrow? It comes with distance and time away from friends and family, love ones. I must admit I am pretty scared and nervous about flying off to Europe knowing nothing of the present or the future. All I know is I am supposed to be picked up at the Alicante airport by a hotel shuttle that says "Team RadioShack". Supposedly that will get me to where I am to be. I guess I will get on and see where it takes me.
That is sort of what the whole experience is about, getting on and seeing where it takes me, but more importantly where it takes Lisa and me. This whole adventure is not going to be easy, but I know with the support of everyone around us and our love for one another things are going to work out and life is going to be good. Thanks to everyone for all the support and love. Lisa and I appreciate it so much and I will do my best to represent and make you all proud.
I must go finish packing for the adventure. Then I have an adventure with my wife tonight to celebrate our month of marriage! Funny thing is though, I still had butterflies in my stomach when I asked her out on a dinner date. Just kidding! I asked here where she would like to go for dinner and she says "where ever you had in mind". Well what I had in mind was where she wanted to go. Do you see the big dilemma here? Ciao.


Aaron said...

Yo man, good luck and most importantly have fun. We will still love you no matter what happens. Be safe and if you need anything, just call or e-mail or whatever!

Hip said...

Make sure to pack your riding shoes!

Eric said...

Matthew enjoy the ride. Us Texans wish you and Lisa much success. Europe is much like the USA but much older and in my opinion prettier. They just speak a different language for the most part. Take care

Lisa said...

Thanks for the date last night! I had a wonderful time. Miss you SO MUCH already. :)