Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lisa is coming home!

Yes my friends, today my wife comes back to me from Las Vegas where she presented at a psychology conference. I am excited for her arrival and some more quality time together. I am hoping she has not eaten dinner so that I can make her a delicious steak burrito. Then perhaps some good dessert... crepes? Pudding? Who knows, only the moment will decide.

Today I had another beautiful ride. 50 degrees with a slight westerly breeze. I did some more efforts today in final preparation for camp and they went very well. Afterwards I could hardly convince my legs to pedal as they should for the last hour of my ride. I guess they were tired. As I was finishing my ride I ran into a local friend and cyclist who was out for a spin with his young son. It was nice to run into them and chat a bit. Tomorrow will probably be my last ride for a while with most of the folks around here so I am looking forward to it, but am also sad about it.

Ok my food is done, I must go consume. Cheers!

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ZiaVelo Racing Club said...

something simple like crepes would be good. And, that was Dave and Gavin sitting in the back of the car eating a pizza as you were crossing the street near Las Cruces H.S. We were training our bellies.