Thursday, April 7, 2016

We Bike for Kids

I'm back in Brevard after my quick trip to Florida for the We Bike for Kids charity ride. It was a fun time despite some adverse conditions. The weather gods were not in our favor and chose to give us a little rain and more unfavorably lightning/thunder on the ride day. In the name of safety, the ride organizer cut the 100km route out and gave riders the option to do the 34 mile route twice if they so chose. With that, it kept riders closer to "home" in case of real problems. One loop was enough for Jonny and me, and then we got to see the community come together in support of the event. There was a big "Chinese" auction and a nice meal. We hung out, signed a few autographs, chatted with some people, and happily took an easier day. Post ride and lunch it was off to the airport, only to find out our flight got delayed 2+hours. That was a hard pill to swallow, but we just took our time getting to the airport. I finally made it home about 2am, pretty whooped. 

Since getting back I've had some good training rides and family time. Lisa and I took Noah out on a wagon walk with the neighbor's dog we were watching for a few days. Noah loved being in charge of the dog. We handed him the leash and he took control! It isn't 100% clear who was walking who though because everywhere Henry (dog's name) went, Noah just kind of followed with the leash. He clearly understood the two were connected, but I'm not sure he understood he was supposed to be in control. It was fun though.

The next big event on the schedule is the Assault on the Carolinas this weekend. It is a pretty big event here and I'm really glad I get to be here to support it this year. I'll be riding in it, hopefully not getting dropped by the speedsters out there! The ride will showcase some of the best roads in the area and obviously the city of Brevard. It is going to be pretty incredible to see 1000+ cyclists rolling out of downtown Brevard. The weather looks clear but cool this weekend. Seems some cooler air is dropping down from the north, which is going to make it a little chilly riding! Sure we'll make it through though. Hope Spring is arriving for you too!

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Tour d' Apple said...

Did you mechanical at AOTC? I never saw you come back...