Friday, April 1, 2016

Flying on a Plane

Hey everyone! It's time for a random update. I'm on my way to Florida for a charity ride tomorrow. Should be a good time, but I was a bit bummed to see the weather looks like rain/thunderstorms. I'm going with Jonny Clarke and we'll make it fun regardless. Life around the Busche household is fairly status quo. Noah is growing up too fast, changing daily, and is draining his parent's batteries faster than we can recharge them. We're completely exhausted every night when we put him to bed, but it never fails that within an hour we're asking each other if we should wake him up to play more?! So then we always sneak in to see what position he's sleeping in. I can't tell you how many times we've looked at each other and asked how on earth he could be sleeping in that position? Sometimes it is with a leg up on the crib rail or completely curled up on his knees with his butt pointed to the sky! Whatever works for him. :)

Besides for chasing Noah around, Lisa is doing some consistent running now and even entering a few races. She did a 12K race in Dupont State Forest last weekend and was 2nd overall female! Lisa also took her first stab at an Easter meal and nailed it. We've been eating the HALF of the leftover ham that we didn't freeze for nearly every meal this last week though and are running out of creative ways to reinvent it. Could be worse leftovers though.

For me, it's has been training as usual. I've had unbelievable weather and have really been enjoying my bike; some days more than others, but the average is heavily weighted toward enjoyment! Having such a big block between Oman and Joe Martin has allowed me to really try and build my training step by step without interruption for racing. It is a little different than I've had in the past, but I've been seeing and feeling good progression in my fitness, so I'm hopeful it is going well and will put me right where I need to be heading in a heavy block of racing: Joe Martin, Gila, California, US Pro, and Philly. This block is a big goal for me and I'm looking to have good results. I've been working on my TT bike a little more too, really hoping that will pay off. I actually just did some fit stuff yesterday with the CTS office and we made some pretty major changes. It was an exciting and educational fit session that challenged many ideas I've been exposed to in the past. It was a little difficult to make dramatic changes, but I don't have anything to lose and can always change back. I'm excited to get out on the bike and test how it feels. I'm sure there will be a little adaptation period, but I'm confident the results can improve with practice and time.

Outside of riding, running, and Noah, Lisa and I have been splitting time between working on the house projects and integrating into the community here. We haven't been here long enough in the past to really be able to make the efforts for either. At home we're doing yard work, building garden boxes, and contemplating other home improvement projects to tackle. Socially we've been out to a few events including the new CTS/Hub office opening, a spring equinox party, and several Easter egg hunts. Noah is a little too young to grasp the idea of the hunt yet, but it was still fun to watch him try. The CTS opening was good with a nice social ride to open it up and good food and conversation after. The spring equinox party was a potluck out at a friend's house with the main event being the burning of the past year's Christmas trees. I had never seen a dry pine tree burn before, but I have a new appreciation for why they say to be careful with lights on your tree, wow!

I guess that's about it for now. Hope everyone is warming up from winter and starting to get back outside for some activity. Spring here is kicking into full bloom; the flowers are exploding and the grass getting greener. Now go enjoy it yourself!


Anonymous said...

Nice update! Looking forward to following you again this season.

Caren said...

YaY! Glad to see Tour of the Gila is on your schedule this year! Cruces fans will be stoked to see you and cheering you on! Hope Lisa and Noah will be making the trip too!