Monday, April 27, 2015

Getting Back in the Game

You might think by now that I've retired from cycling (or at least writing my blog), but I have not done either. Life has been a bit crazy between the addition of Noah to our family and trying to get everything in order with my scaphoid injury, so somehow this has taken a backseat. My apologies. The quick and dirty is that Noah is now 4 months old and the joy of Lisa and my life. He has been wonderful so far and we couldn't ask for any better. Regarding my scaphoid, it is slow going. It has been a frustrating process for me because the timeline is so ambiguous. The scaphoid receives very poor blood flow, making it possibly the slowest healing bone in the body. This means the doctors aren't able to really give me a clear answer or solution on how to help promote healing or when I might be 100%. I had a CT scan 6 weeks after surgery and it showed virtually zero healing. That was a big blow to the morale. After picking up the pieces there and continuing to train hard, I went to Sierra Nevada for two weeks to do an altitude training camp with some teammates. I recently returned to Girona and did a second scan to check the healing after another 5 weeks. The results are inconclusive, but it appears there has been a little bone growth/healing. Unfortunately, it is far from complete.

Not knowing what else to do at this point and not wanting to lose the entire first part of my season, I've decided to try and get back to racing. I'll be starting Tour of Romandie tomorrow and hoping to survive the week. I am still experiencing a fairly noticeable lack of mobility in the wrist, which makes handling the bike slightly more precarious. Racing is going to be really hard for sure, but I'm hopeful I can muddle through this first race and that getting back out there will give me a good boost headed into California. I have no predictions or real expectations, but I will race as hard as I can. Please come back to see my race reports!

Race info here:

My "rocks" throughout a difficult start to 2015.

Never a bad day playing in the grass with your son!

Happy 4 month birthday Noah!

Getting family photos is difficult :)


Scott K said...

Great pictures! What fun. Thanks for the update and best of luck with that darn wrist. We will be watching and cheering. Now that you have a bigger fan club at home there will be new motivation.

Anonymous said...

Been missing the reason to follow Trek Racing... Stay healthy!