Friday, February 20, 2015

Finding the Silver Lining

A broken scaphoid and pisiformis in my left hand/wrist was not what I imagined when I thought about how the 2015 season would start. It happened as a result of a low speed crash in a switchback on the second day of racing in the Mallorca Challenge. I had almost zero road rash, but the impact was so violent that it caused me to break the two bones. The first big step in recovery was having surgery in Basel, Switzerland to repair the scaphoid fracture. I spent two nights in Basel for the surgery, which we're sure hoping was a success! All things look good for now, but the real test is the CT scan after 6 weeks to see how things have healed. If I'm lucky and everything is good, then I am hoping I can make a return to racing at Catalunya or Criterium International and continue a progression toward California from there. In the mean time, I'm busy doing anything I can to try and maintain some fitness, whether it is riding the trainer (which you can only do so long without wanting to kill yourself!) or hiking or running. For now things are going fine, but I'm not even two weeks in yet, so I might have to get creative after a little bit longer.

I don't want to dwell on the negative though. My crash could've been much worse and it could've happened at worse times. Having it happen now has been a small blessing because it is very early in the season, so I will hopefully still be able to recover in time for a lot of quality races, and also it is allowing me to spend more time with Noah while he is so young. It is incredible to see the changes he is going through on a near daily basis. He and I have become pretty good hiking buddies! We have a carrier that I can strap him into on my chest that then I can pretty much hike without having to worry about him. It is they perfect way for me to add a little extra challenge to my hike. I can tell you for sure that carrying an extra 12lbs is not easy! The hiking and running are giving me a new appreciation for the immediate area around Girona too. I get to see more of the nooks and crannies of the hills and valleys; they're really nice!

Post crash: the pie-shaped, grey space in the bone in the middle is not good! Also
the small chip off the bone on the left is not the normal state of affairs.
Post surgery: screw to put scaphoid back together. The light grey section in the long/big
bone below the scaphoid is where they took about a cubic centimeter of bone out of my
radius to graft into my scaphoid.
Cut wound for the bone graft.
The beautiful tattoo for my scaphoid.
My new cast. We're not best of friends. And I have a new
appreciation for opposable thumbs!
My hiking partners! :) 
Noah had his first Spanish cafe visit after our hike. He liked it!


Anonymous said...

Appears everyone is enjoying the coffee shop a great deal, have a better second start to your year, hope to see you in california!

Cindy said...

I'm glad you can find the silver lining. Noah and you getting to know each other is a blessing. Wishing you a quick and strong recovery!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Sending positive energy your way. Great that you have more time with your little guy!