Friday, August 8, 2014

Powder Mountain

There's not so much to really say about today's stage! It was hard from start to finish and I felt strong, but others were stronger. I'm not disappointed with my performance, but obviously I would've liked better. Besides the first 3, I am only 1:10 out from 4th place, so it definitely isn't over for me. I believe I will continue to get better throughout this race too, so I really hope that over the weekend I can jump up some places.

The team rode great today. We had Jens in the first important breakaway of the day, but Cannondale missed that, so they pulled all out to bring it back. Once it regrouped, two of our stagiaires, Alex and Ryan, did a great job to get themselves into the move. The rest of the team did a stellar job from there to protect Riccardo, Clement, and myself until the final climbs. I definitely had it much easier today with a solid team around me.

And other than racing today, I had the privilege of having some fun before the stage...


Jim Savre said...

From the fun start to the strong finish, a solid performance from you and Trek! Looking forward to the competition this weekend (Lisa thinks I'm hooked on cycling now, and she may be right...I'm really enjoying Utah and already looking forward to Colorado)

tori said...

Keep up the hard work. You have been on my watch list for several years! A couple years ago at the Tour of California, I asked you sign a photo I took for you the prior year. I believed in you and still do!