Friday, August 8, 2014


Not really sure what happened today, but I landed in 15th! Actually I was trying to set Hayden up for a late attack, but I guess he wasn't into it. When the dust settled, I had fought my way to the front and made a little prize money for the team. Now maybe we're not in the red after the few fines we've incurred. All good :)

What could've been a straight forward, somewhat calm day, was ravaged by wind and the chaos that accompanies it. Straight from the start it was windy and the field strung out and exploded. I found myself in the wrong spot on more that one occasion and had to really fight. I was on the wrong end of a few splits, but thankfully I came back. Several different breakaways formed and dissolved. Jens was a part of several different moves. He was in the initial move that got a good gap, but the field chased hard for some reason, and he dropped out of it with 3 other guys. He decided he wasn't finished though and bridged across to the remaining 3 on the only KOM of the day. The gap immediately enlarged and I really thought they were going to stay away. At the top of the KOM a mad chase was put on, mainly by Optum. It was quite impressive actually because they brought it back and then won the stage. Chapeau to them. The guys did a good job helping to keep me out of trouble in the madness. Tomorrow we will again be climbing, so I will have to turn back into a climber. Really hoping my legs come around. We'll see!

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MikeM said...

Go get 'em Matthew! Sending you lots of oxygen for the climb!