Monday, November 18, 2013

Off Time

Just a quick update on life. I've been doing my best enjoy the off season and down time. I've tried to let my mind and body recoup a bit. In an effort not to get too out of shape, I've been mixing up running, hiking, mountain bike riding, and cyclocross bike riding. It's been good for my mind and spirit. We had a couple good college friends visit and our time with them was great. Through our various activities we were able to see the Autumn colors pretty well. Luckily we caught the tail end of them. It was amazing how fast they disappeared though. Other than the activities, we've been cooking soups, using our crockpot, spending ample time breaking in our new couch, and started working on our various house projects. Our first one is our entertainment center/tv stand. It is a work in progress, but it looks to be coming along alright :)

Most recently we flew to Minnesota to attend the wedding of the maid of honor from our wedding. It was a very nice, intimate ceremony. Around the wedding we were able to sneak in not one but TWO Timberwolves games, which they won. Then we spent a few days with Lisa's family and had a great time there. I'm now off to Belgium for our team bonding camp. It will be the first official gathering of the Trek Factory Racing team heading into 2014. I'm excited to get things going, meet my new teammates, and reunite with my previous teammates. I'm off to Belgium now, bon voyage! 

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sandrine vasseur said...

Hi Matthew,

can I do to have your autograph card ?