Monday, October 28, 2013


It's officially the offseason! I flew home from my last race of the season in China and was greeted by Lisa, my brother Aaron, and my sister-in-law Amanda. The four of us left the very next morning for a 5 day trip to Italy and Switzerland. We visited Lucerne, Bellagio (and the lake Como area), and a bit of the Swiss mountains in between! It was cool to have Aaron & Amanda here, and great to start the off-season with some fun. Lisa and I are now spending a few last days in Girona before we head back to the states for a couple months. A photo recap of our adventures is below!

Arriving in Switzerland
Pilatus Cable Car
On top of Mt. Pilatus!
The girls bundled up for some Swiss mountain exploration
The guys on our visit to Vanini Olive Oil factory 
Aaron and Amanda on the ferry to Bellagio
Lisa & me enjoying fall color in Italy


Cindy said...

Wow. Great photos. Glad to see you enjoyed the company of family. G'Pa Busche would have loved to see you in your "touring" cap!

Scott K said...

Holy - what beautiful places you are going! Just spectacular sights. Enjoy your off season.

daveR said...

looks like a great time. seems like a perfect end for a season. so excited for all of you.

Bryan C McVey said...

Great pictures Matt! Looking forward to watching you race next year, but until then enjoy the off season!