Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Hey everyone, it's the first rest day of the Vuelta and the team spirit is pretty good. Chris had another incredible ride yesterday to take the stage and leaders jersey for the second time in the race. It will be difficult for him to hold it through the TT, but with the current condition he is in he can stay close enough that the next mountain stages will make it possible for him to take it back if necessary. The excitement of yesterday's stage was dulled a bit for me when I was one of the unfortunate victims of the crash in the neutral start. I went down quite hard but was able to pick myself up and make it through the stage. I didn't sustain much road rash, but I impacted super hard, so the soreness and swelling are the worst. I was able to sleep surprisingly well last night, which is sure to help my recovery. Plus I can rest fully today and not push too much in the TT, so hopefully by Thursday I'm ready to go again. I still have no clue what happened in the crash. We were just rolling along and came to a big roundabout. All the sudden guys in front of me started crashing and before I knew it I was on the pavement, too. I think my bike just went straight out from under me. The pavement must have been slightly wet or had oil on it because it was incredibly slippery I think. It was really unfortunate, but I'm glad I'm able to soldier on and help the team. Ok, time to rest!


Scott K said...

Bummer on the crash. Good news for the team and Chris. Rest well and hang tough.

Big Cahunico said...

Tremendous race for RSLT and you so far!! Stellar work!

Matt Miller said...

Hope you recover well and feel strong by the next high mountains! So much fun following this race. Would be an amazing thing if Horner could pull it off and undoubtedly he'll need his lieutenants to help him do it.