Monday, June 25, 2012

Sun Tans

So here's the quick and dirty update. I made it through the second block pretty well. I had a struggle or two, but with the help of some other riders in Girona, I made it through to complete a nice big week of training. I was going to start another block today, but I made the decision to take an extra day of rest and go to the beach. My reward: a great day with Lisa and some sunburn, shoot! It is alright actually because maybe it will help get rid of the funny tan lines I have going on my back from my bibs and heartrate strap.

In preparation for the beach, Lisa and I decided we needed to go get some snorkels, so on our way, we stopped picked some up. It's funny how hard it can be to pick a snorkel! Upon arriving, we found a nice spot on the sun-covered beach to make camp for some lunch, snorkeling, paddle ball, and relaxing. We made lunch, gave it 2 minutes to settle, went for a snorkel, relaxed a bit, went for another snorkel, got an ice cream and coffee, and decided we had enough. It was a great day for the mind and spirit. I wish I could provide some pictures, but we didn't take the camera because we wanted to be able to leave our stuff on the beach with as few valuables as possible.

A couple times after training this week, Lisa and I have gone to some local swimming holes, too. Although they don't have the view or mystique of the Mediterranean, it can be argued that they are cooler because they are hidden in the hills, mountains, and valleys of the country. We have a smaller one close to town that is fun for a quick dip and cool off. Then we have one out of town a bit that has much more space and some awesome rock/cliff jumping (we learned from the locals!).

Relaxing earlier this week at the local watering hole.
Tomorrow it is back at it for me. One last block before Austria. The weather is hanging strong with warmth, sun, and gentle breezes. We're thinking and hoping that the Girona food festival is this week. It takes place by the Cathedral. Vendors come and set up food stands featuring different flavors from all over the world. You can go and buy whatever you want, a snack or a full meal. We're expecting to go a couple times for sure. We have fond memories from last year when we discovered it, as well as the company we had with Lisa's parents. Hard to believe that was a year ago. Time flies!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the best way to spend a day together!

daveR said...

so good to see how much you can enjoy your job, travels, and travails (sunburn and flat tires). Best of luck in Austria. It must be cooler than Girona at this time of year.

Scott K said...

Relaxing on the beach is always good. Snorkeling is a personal favorite - so can appreciate the fun. Back in midwest, record 10" rain in Duluth, this wk HOT! Best of luck in Austria!