Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Home for a Week

I've been back in Girona for a week now. I think the jet lag this time around has been about the worst I have ever had, and Lisa has had it even worse. We're surviving though, and I think it will kick into normal soon. Nothing too stellar has taken place since returning. I haven't even been to the red market yet! We're just trying to get into our routine again. Thankfully upon our return, the apartment was none the worse for wear after a 2 month hiatus from activity. Somehow everything worked when we returned, internet included! Go Vodafone! We've grilled several times, and enjoyed our new patio set a few times as well (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). The weather is pretty warm but not yet blazing hot.

I've begun to train full bore again. I had a plan in place for Tour of Austria preparation prior to our return and just finished the first of three training blocks I will do before I go there. The block went well (~15hrs in 3 days). I finished it off today with just shy of 6hrs on the Rupit loop with a few deviations throughout: 5hrs 47mins, 4652kjs, 174kms, 223watts (~260w/o 0s), 134bpm, 2510meters climbing. My body feels pretty fatigued fighting jet lag, heat, and training stress given that I haven't done much since ToC, but I feel confident that my body will respond well to the training, putting me in a good place prior to Austria. Most important though, I am laying good ground work for my late season goals of Utah and Colorado (as of now...)

I am very excited for my rest day tomorrow, especially since Lisa and I have gotten Scooby (scooter) and Shaggie (car) back in our possession. We are hoping to visit a local watering hole for a picnic and swim. The one caveat to that story though is that Shaggie has a bum leg (or two). When we picked her up, she had not one, but two flat tires! We have zero clue what happened, but it is definitely a concern/issue for us, particularly because the one tire has an audible leak and went flat again overnight. You might be wondering how we drove Shaggie with two flat tires? Well, let's just say that my arms/shoulders are a bit sore after using my bicycle pump to get her rolling! We're anxiously waiting to make a decision on what route to go with getting the tire(s) fixed, but we hope in the next day or two we will be rolling full steam ahead again because we are super excited for more adventures with Shaggie! For now, we'll be taking more adventures with Scooby, which are always fun, too.

Shaggie's bum leg... :(

So I need to be sure and share the most exciting adventure of our first week back: Lisa met Donkey! No explanation needed, but I will confirm that Donkey still LOVES carrots, and despite his new fence that bars us from the close interactions of old, he still loves us!

Who's happier? Donkey is even wagging his tail!

A fun ride for two! Donkey looks full...

Ok, it's time to wrap up here and head home for some grilled salmon and vegetables... perhaps on the patio!

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Anonymous said...

Donkey must have stellar eyesight! Glad you are enjoying yourselves.