Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pic of the Day

Here's my picture of the day from my short training around Innsbruck. After a mediocre morning of travel, I finally arrived at the hotel to find a new steed awaiting me! I excitedly hopped on for my pre-race roll. The road immediately went up, which was rude, but after about 20 minutes, we (Markel, George, and I) found a plateau above the valley that was awesome. We rolled for awhile, then they turned back, while I wanted to go a little further. Being a sucker for beautiful, uphill roads, I immediately turned in the next town, aiming for some houses I saw on the mountain side. I went up for another solid 30 minutes until the road finally turned to gravel. I was aiming for 3hrs of joy in the hills, more realistically mountains, around Innsbruck, but I made the decision to err on the less is better/more side given the hot temps and my lack of agua remaining in my bottles at that point. I suppose I could've stopped for a refill, but I guess I wimped out! Whoops. I snapped a few pictures, took in the nice view a bit and began my roll toward home. I arrived just in time to see Fabian win the prologue! The new bike is sweet, and I am looking forward to seeing how it performs during the race this week. Stay tuned :)

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