Friday, March 23, 2012

The War in Catalunya

Well, this one is short and simple: we rode really hard for 100km (2:15ish), then a breakaway formed, so we "rested" a little bit before we did the last 70km of the stage really hard again. It was a hard day in the saddle!

The start was an all-out war with no control in the field. It was chaotic and fast as attacks were flying left and right. The four of us did our best to be present in the moves, but it is very difficult to cover everything for 100km! The peloton was in pieces by the time it was over. I'm not sure the exact strategy of all the teams, but I think it was something in the line of try and break GreenEdge. QuikStep was one of the main offenders in the foray of attacking, so I assume they were trying to break GreenEdge and give Levi the best chance of taking time on the last climb. I fought hard on the last climb, but again I was just too far back to go the necessary speed to make up the ground to the front group. Tomorrow's another chance for us. We'll keep fighting.

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Anonymous said...

Hang tough! You've been climbing up the GC ladder every day. Keep it up! Two days to go! M&J