Monday, March 26, 2012

I Lost the War

My makeshift bandage until I could find proper pharmacy supplies!
Well, the end to Volta Catalunya was less than ideal for me. I crashed on the final descent about 2.5km from the finish. It makes me incredibly frustrated to think about it, but I am looking at the positives of everything to help me get through it. First of all, I came out of the crash with minimal injury, just the usual road rash and bruising/soreness. I was back on the bike already today, a little sore in my hip and elbow, but it was good to try and spin things out. The other positive I am remembering to help me pass over the crash is that I felt good during the race. I had good sensations on the bike, and I feel like I had some really good moments of progression toward the next level, immediately and long term. I think my training has begun to pay off, so the race efforts will help me move up to the next level right away. For the future, I think I made some steps forward in my ability to navigate the peloton and fight for position at important moments during the race. It is truly a skill that does not just come over night. I hope that I can continue to build upon the fitness and skills I gained during the race to be a better racer.
Happy to see my biggest fan post race!
Other big news in the Busche world is that Lisa completed her first marathon yesterday. She competed in the Barcelona marathon with nearly 20,000 other runners. She ran a great race to finish only a few minutes behind her goal. Everything was going perfect for her until about 10km to go when the tremendous effort set in, and she began to cramp everywhere despite all her efforts to hydrate and fuel properly along the way. With incredible determination though, she carried on to the finish without walking once! Great job babe!!!! And then to really show how tough she is, she made it in time to the finish of my race only a couple hours later. I have quite an incredible wife!
Even exhausted she can still muster that beautiful smile!
And as I promised, the final grill shelf/stand. Many good BBQs to come!


TimK said...

Sounds like you are making excellent progress, looking forward to hearing about your next race, and we're hoping to cheer you on at the TOC and maybe even the Tour of the Gila too? Heal those wounds! Good to see you back on the bike right away.

JamesBoH said...

Ouch! 3:40's a good time though - well done Lisa. Hope the gas bottle is well secured too.

Scott K said...

Thanks for sharing the great pictures. A big congrats to Lisa for completing her marathon. Glad to hear the crash was not worse than it was. Watched your progress in the Volta, seems like you were making good headway. Stay the course, your persistence and training will pay off. Rest up and heal quickly, and take care of your lovely bride.

daveR said...

great photos! I guess I mention the BBQ shelf skills. there might be a design engineering job in your future. heal soon.