Monday, January 16, 2012

Quick Note

Hey everyone! I meant to let you all know that I did a new blog for I believe it is on the right hand side as you scroll down the page.

The quick update from Mallorca is that camp is going good. The team is coming together very nicely both on and off the bike. We have been doing some big hours in the saddle with some efforts thrown in. The weather has been pretty good; not hot but not cold and no rain. The forecast is predicting some chance(s) for rain over the last few days of camp here, so that could put a damper on our finishing this thing up as strong as we'd hoped, but you always have to adapt! The cafeteria is still coming through strong with different options for dinner almost every night. The post dinner routine has been filled with a few different activities. Usually we have been going to the bar across the courtyard for a coffee or tea and socializing. Last night there was a big foosball craze. I played several matches, but I cannot call myself a foosball master by any means! Cancellara and many of the staff members on the other hand are impressively good. One night we also watched "The Road Uphill", a documentary on Leopard Trek from last year. It was really good and somewhat inspiring really. Ok, that's all I can muster for this one because training is fast approaching! Oh, I hope the Packers won last night... fingers crossed. Ciao.


Anonymous said...

CyclingNews blog was great! Thanks for sharing.

-Sarah in New Mexico

Matt Miller said...

Amazing homepage background pic. Where is that?