Monday, May 9, 2011

On This Day... 1985, to Craig and Cindy Busche, was born a boy they named Matthew. Yes, today I grow one year older. Thank you to everyone who has messaged or called to wish me happy birthday. It has been a nice day. Lisa and I have hung out together as she wraps up loose ends with school, and I wrap up loose ends before leaving for Tour of California on Thursday. We got a nice cup of coffee together this morning and relaxed for breakfast and Giro viewing together. Then it was exercise time. Now we are killing off some of the tasks before dinner.

Tonight we have a nice date planned at a new restaurant we discovered last Fall. It is a quaint little place in Mesilla with lots of charm. I think it is a house turned into restaurant, but what is really cool is the way they have kept it original. Much of the decor is still the same from outside to inside. Also, the story is still well exposed about how the restaurant came to be and the history surrounding the house. Needless to say, I am excited to spend a nice evening with my wife! Post dinner, there may be a stop at Mickey D's for a dollar hot fudge sundae; although, this is still up for debate. Then it will be homeward for co-baking of banana bread! Such an exciting evening ahead, I can hardly wait to get going.

Yesterday was another nice day in NM. It began with a good training session for me. I was up and out the door early to avoid the heat and wind. I rode the majority by myself, but had a partner in Dave for the climb up Soledad Canyon. I was happy to have the company, and he didn't make the climb easy! After splitting ways, I was off to do one last climb in Picacho Hills before heading home. While in Picacho, I met a random cyclist/fan named Gabriel. In  real brief conversation, I found out he and his wife/girlfriend are considering the move from Scottsdale to Las Cruces, he is a cyclist himself, and he is an obvious cycling fan. He was excited to see me out there and excited to meet me. It's always nice to meet fans and make new acquaintances. After being literally blown across town by the wind, I was nearing the end of my ride. I had one last one stop at Pic-Quik though because we needed more lime juice for the infamous Corn-Black Bean Salsa/Dip. After successfully scoring a .69 cent bottle of lime juice, I was home for the day, 5:20 in the bank.

The afternoon was consumed by a wonderful BBQ hosted by the Cunicos (thank you!). It was a great get together to see people just a little bit in my brief stint in Las Cruces, and it was also deemed a good opportunity to give me a birthday party. We had great food, conversation and company. We watched the Tour of California preview show on Versus, then just hung out in the beautiful sunny weather, even threw around the football. It was a great way to end the weekend.

A few more days of training before I go. The weather is still nice, although there is some front or low pressure system moving/moved in that is causing the notorious NM winds to happen. Looks like I will have to be up and out early to try and avoid them the next couple days. Ok, I can't wait to go on my date anymore. Ciao!


Big Cahunico said...

Always a pleasure hanging out with you and Lisa!! Happy Birthday!

Cindy said...

Sounds like a great way to spend your birthday!