Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Busche's Recipe

A Wonderful Day:
  1. Enjoy a leisurely wake up with your significant other.
  2. Make French Toast, eggs and coffee for breakfast.
  3. Take a stroll through the flower market trying to decide what plant(s)/flower(s) you want to buy.
  4. Go ride your bike or explore new hiking/running trails with a couple friends.
  5. Clean up and hop on the moped to take a drive through the flowering fields.
  6. Take a stop during your drive to have an amazing 2 hour lunch including a bottle of water, a bottle of wine, fire-toasted bread with fresh tomatoes and garlic cloves for topping/flavoring, a first plate, a second plate, dessert and coffee. Be sure you sit outside in the broken shade of a tree with a view of the valley/countryside below.
  7. Return on the moped back to town and do some random shopping.
  8. Register for a local running race on the next day.
  9. Go over to one of the city gardens and pick fresh rosemary.
  10. Return home at the brink of exhaustion.
  11. Make lemon-garlic-white wine-rosemary roasted chicken with sauteed zucchini for dinner.
  12. While eating dinner, watch a favorite TV show/episode.
  13. After dinner is finished, use the next commercial break to do the dishes and make popcorn.
  14. Finish TV show and eat popcorn.
  15. Snuggle up and fall asleep 100% happy and content.
Thank you for an amazing day yesterday Lisa!

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