Monday, March 21, 2011

Words Through Pictures

The weather was junk for about two weeks straight, so I
decided to go buy a hose for bike washing. We live on
the second story... notice the hose descending from the
top of the picture. The system: hook hose to washing
machine, run through spare bedroom window down to
sidewalk where a man clad in spandex claiming to be
professional waits with a pot (not a bucket) of soapy
water and sponge. Spray with water, wash with
sponge-type towel and soapy water, rinse off.
Lisa finds this system funny.
We took advantage of a nice afternoon recently to take
our first moped adventure. We went up and around Els
Angels and had plans to get a coffee in a small
country-side town, but that failed. We ended
up getting cold, having no coffee and
stopping at the grocery store.
We did have fun though!

I have to thank my bicycle for giving Lisa and me the opportunity to go to the coast
for an afternoon. I was riding home on Friday and noticed my bike felt very flexy,
almost like I was riding a noodle. Long story short, I discovered the steerer tube of
my fork had cracked and was not far from causing catastrophe.I am thanking the
cycling gods that nothing  worse than the inconvenience of not having my bike
for a day occured. Conveniently, the team is racing near Girona this week, so Lisa
and I took my bike over to the mechanics to get it fixed. While the mechanics
did their work, we took the time to pay our first visit of  the year to the coast.
Taking a little hike up on the coastline. It was windy but sunny!

Sorry for ruining the real beauty with the guy in the foreground.
Shortly after his photo-op, we were off to find a baguette for our tuna, avocado
sandwiches. Post lunch we enjoyed a cafe con leche and some fudge long the
beach. Then we strolled the city for a little while before returning to my bike and
making the drive back to Girona. It was a great afternoon!


Phil Cianciola said...

Nice report and great pictures. How do I get a deal like that? Something breaks on my Trek and all I do is take it over to the team mechanics to fix it for me. Awesome. That must be a nice perk.

-Hip in Tosa

Cindy said...

Necessity is the mother of invention!

Sergi said...

Hi Matthew, congratulations for this nice blog.

I met you last friday in Santa Pellaia and i'm very impressed with your performance, especially when i saw you in Angels some minuts before riding very strong :)

From now i'm your supporter. I promise you more opposition next time, or simply get a coffee. It's on me ;)