Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mother Nature

Ok, be honest here, how many of you have witnessed the birth of a live animal? I'm raising my hand because today on my ride I saw a sheep born. I was riding along and looked into the herd of sheep because one was making a lot of noise. That is when I noticed the one laying on the ground bellowing because she was pushing a baby out of her through an opening that was arguably too small for the baby sheep coming out of it.

I was riding with Steven Cozza and Daryl Impey, and we decided to swing around and watch this amazing act of nature. It was truly incredible. I didn't take any pictures or film, but I wish I had. It was pretty neat. After the birth, the mother sheep just got up and walked away. She continued to pasture about 50meters away, while the baby struggled to figure out what was happening. We waited to see if it would stand/walk, but after 5 or so minutes, we decided to finish our training. It was a very interesting even to witness.

For the training, it was nice. Great to have guys to ride with and very nice to catch up with Steven and Daryl. The weather has finally turned nice, and I am hoping it stays for a little while now. It is off to spend a nice afternoon with my wife now! Cheers.


Big Cahunico said...

I am glad to see that there are still people in the world that are amazed by life and nature.

Wait until you see your children born....

Jarrett said...

Hey dude, love the blog! Want to do an interview for We can do it all over email since you're in Europe.

DaveR said...

Shane took the words out of my mouth. Rode with Bob "D" for a little while today. He is in Cruces warming up during spring break in Montana. He seemed very happy to be riding in sunny Mesilla Valley with temps in the high 70's

be safe

Anonymous said...

Man I've had my arm up a cows vagina up to my shoulder and delivered and have witnessed several births of baby cows aka calves on the farm in Wisconsin. Glad there's no baby coming out of my opening. And we thought getting kicked in the balls hurts...
The baby will try and stand anytime after around 30 minutes and fall down several times. Kind of funny to watch.Mooooooooooo

Intersting conversation with Jim Stemper today, Male Sea Horses carry the baby...Jim said the male is still a female sea horse to him.

-B Rach