Saturday, February 5, 2011

Racing Season is Upon Us Again

It is the final official day of training camp and a rest day! Tomorrow the racing begins at Challenge Mallorca; although, I will not be racing until the 3rd and 5th stages on Tuesday and Thursday. It is a series race instead of stage race, so different riders can race everyday. It is 10 man teams, so more riders/team than usual, and there are 20 teams I believe, so the field is going to be big. Should be a strong field too, with 10 Pro Tour teams here to partake. We'll see how it goes!

Yesterday I had a bike fit with the guys from Retul. It went really well. There were no major changes actually, besides raising my seat a few millimeters. After the fit I had a nice training session on my own. It ended up being a little longer than I planned, but I felt good and was enjoying the sunny and warm weather.

As today is a rest day, there is no specific riding requirement. I did a nice easy ride to a neighboring city. I got a coffee at a cafe by the port and soaked in the sun before heading back to the hotel. Lunch was delicious and now it's time for some relaxation: movie(s), massage, early bed time (I think!).

Tried out a new gadget last night. We got this sleep monitoring system called the Zeo. It tells you the statistics of your sleep like total time asleep, time in light, REM and deep sleep, and provides information about "quality" of sleep. It gives you a sleep score based on those factors. Last night I scored a 100! 120 is the best, but I think I still did good! It really is just interesting information.

Not much else to report! Adios.


Cindy said...

I'll bet that sleep score is much better than it would have been last year!!! Relax and have fun. Love you, Mom

ShaneC. said...

Good luck in your stages. We are all pulling for you. Safe and sound.