Thursday, December 9, 2010

Checking In

Ok, limited time limits me to limited words (is that too many limits?). Training camp is good. Weather, food, company, riding, events are great. Driving cars at the Nissan test track was great. Riding road bikes on a mountain bike trail is fun. Playing paper football at dinner in a fancy restaurant is fun, too!

Interesting facts for the trip thus far are that my roommate and I share the same sentiments that flossing stinks despite its inherent importance in keeping good dental hygiene and cavity free teeth. We also share the same disappointment in big fluffy hotel pillows that are nothing but fluff because when you put your head into them you sink straight to the other side of the pillow. Basically all fluff and no stuff. Oh, and my roomy is Levi.

Thanks for the title suggestions everyone, I will keep the box open for a little bit longer, but the time is fast approaching that I must make the final decision.

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Justin said...

Chaos Theory itself is based on pure signals in a time series, not just THE BEGNINNING, and in these said time series there will always be some sort of error, human or non human. Anyway....the point that I'm trying to get at is that it is really hard to try and determine if something is just random, of it is truly "chaotic." So why not something combining this idea of distinguishing the random from the chaotic:

The Random to the Chaotic
Random and Chaotic Joy

Justin Ratzlaff