Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Adventures on US soil

Well I have been home for almost two weeks now and it has been an adventure still. I began my time at home by finishing the antibiotics for whatever illness I was fortunate enough to get and trying to recover from said illness. The first few days at home were not much fun in that manner for sure. Of course being home with Lisa and sleeping in my own bed and waking up in our apartment was nice. It took quite a while for me to start feeling normal due to the typical factors of jet lag and travel on top of the sickness. Now I am starting to feel more normal when I wake up in the morning and the daily routine is nice, however, I am still suffering a few side effects of the former illness: I seem to be having random phlegm and coughing problems, but at least it is getting itself out of me. Perhaps I am experiencing effects of the desert dust, who knows!

Adventures/things done to date in the two weeks of being in the US:
1. Training for US Pro TT/RR... going a little rough, but hoping it will all come around on race day and banking on a solid season of racing in the legs.
2. Trip to Tucson, AZ to see the "foot genius" Bill Peterson... a check up for me and hopefully a cure of Lisa's nagging plantar fascitis.
3. Getting "shot up" at the infamous Shootout group ride in Tucson.
4. A nice trip up Mt. Lemmon accompanied by my wife! Rewarded by a treat the Cookie Shack up top!
5. An article on the team website:
6. PEZ Cycling interview about Tour of Denmark:
7. Attending some of the local group rides... tonight is the Heater: the Wednesday night ride where everyone brings out their fast wheels and tries to rip off everyone else's legs. Tonight I am going for the win!
8. A stop at Chiracaua National Monument south of Willcox, AZ for a night of camping and day of hiking. Some really cool rock formations there, pretty neat stuff.

I guess that is really about it. Weather here has been quite steamy: unusually humid, a bit rainy and quite hot. Makes for some rough riding conditions where I will drink insane amounts of agua in an attempt to quench the amazing thirst created by the hot conditions. Later!

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