Monday, September 13, 2010

50kph + asphault = ouch

This is the picture of what happens when motor pacing goes wrong. It is actually quite superficial and could have been much worse. I am in the final week of preparation for US Pro National Championships on September 18/19th and was finally experiencing a glimmer of hope today that my legs were maybe going to come around to good condition, but then there was this little hiccup. Hopefully though, it won't cause too much of a problem and despite my lost day of training, I will still be all good for this coming weekend.

The accident happened when the scooter all of the sudden just cut out. The engine just stopped and the sudden, unexpected slowing of the scooter caused me to run into the back of it. Then as I was reacting, I hooked the rear wheel/fender with my front wheel and fight it as I tried, it was nearly impossible to control. Once I came free from the scooter, I swerved/wobbled a little in desperation/reaction to save myself, but it was all for naught. I lost control and splat I went on the asphault. Thankfully though, it really is just a small amount of road rash and nothing too significant. My hip is a bit sore from the harsh impact on the road, but that should disappear in a couple days. Tomorrow will be the worst day for sure in terms of soreness, but hopefully it will be one last day of good training on Wednesday and off to a good weekend of racing. Cheers.


Anonymous said...

You look tuffalo.

TimK said...


Glad you made it out of that one in one piece!

I'm looking forward to following your results at US Pro!

Best wishes

Hip said...

I smell another caption contest here. Hmmm, I'll start:

"Busche poses for the cover of the new Road Rash Stud magazine"

Anonymous said...

Quit flexing! Good luck at US PRO

-B Rach

Devin O'Brien said...

Keep charging ahead, it's inspiring watching your season...and good luck at nationals

James Stemper said...

yep, that probably hurt.

Anonymous said...

King, Phinney, Busche. The only three to get top 10's in both the TT and RR. Nice job man.