Tuesday, June 15, 2010

0 for 2 on the beach

Well, it is officially true that whenever Lisa and I try the beach, we get clouds. Yesterday we were up and out the door to do our respective exercising with the anticipation of a bus ride to the coast for a fun day. Fun was had, but the beautiful sunshine we were greeted with when we awoke was clouded by the time we made it to the coast, so that made it day number two of two for cloudy coast time.
Our adventure started with us learning about the bus schedule. Lisa is smart and had mastered the schedule, but the man in the relationship read the same schedule and said, "Oh we can catch the next bus" as we were debating on a small grocery stop before the coast or at the coast. Well, little did the man realize that the schedule of red times was for a bus that only went on Saturday, Sunday and holidays: it was Monday. Well, it was time to eat the lunch we got at the grocery store and wait for the next bus.
We caught that one and were on the way to the Mediterranean! A number of stops, roundabouts, accelerations and decelerations later, we were both happy to land at Palamos for some exploration, walking about, maybe some food, and some shopping if it presented itself.
We took a walk to the coast and within a few moments we were putting on our rain jackets to try and stay warm. The cloudiness and wind was making for some seemingly frigid temperatures. Despite the excitement of being at the Mediterranean, the lack of sun was killing the need to go in, so we decided to walk inland and check out the scene there.
First we walked up some stairs and were awed by a beautiful view of the port and coastline (imagine it is amazing in the sunlight!) Then we visited the church, which was pretty cool, although it is nothing compared to the cathedral in Girona. After the church we just strolled about. We walked up a street (Lisa ran) that looked like it dumped off the edge of the earth. Thankfully when we got to the top, it was not the edge and our adventure carried on. Unfortuantely that is the point where our camera died and I have no more photos for you.
We strolled around the streets for a bit and stopped for a coffee. While there, the shops reopened and our adventure could continue with new excitement. We immediately were attracted to many purse shops as we still had not replaced the purse some nice person borrowed (permanently) from Lisa while we were at IKEA. After many shops and searching, we had all but given up. Then as we walked back along the coastline with no real purpose, there it was. A rack with medium and large purses for quite inexpensive. With some luck, we were able to find a purse to Lisa's liking and off we were with a new purse for Lisa's personal effects. Hooray!
That was about the extent of our trip. We caught the bus back to Girona and had only one heart attack on the way home. Due to the twisty nature of the bus route we really needed a front seat to avoid car sickness. We were able to move after part way through the journey and it was much nicer. Shortly after we moved, Lisa says "I left my purse back there." CRAP! I jumped up and went back for it. Gone...
Only then did she find it next to her on the bus. Yikes, I was sick to my stomach and nearly in cardiac arrest. I couldn't believe how excited I got from the little episode. It took me a solid 2 minutes to slow down the body again. That scary incident over, we were back to Girona and on our way home; a good day finished.

Picture 1: At the coast? It was chilly!
Picture 2: Just painting my view...
Picture 3: "my view"
Picture 4: Lisa at the edge of the earth. Don't jump!
Picture 5: The pleasant surprise over the edge of the earth.
Picture 6: Fun!
Picture 7: Ya-hoo!


Carson said...

Will you be heading back for nats or coming through Decorah anytime this summer man? Would love to ride with you again.

frye said...

We sure enjoy reading about your adventures! Adam keeps us updated too. So Glad Lisa is able to be with you now. Enjoyed the Luther article! Chris is out riding your bike right now! Good luck with everything! Karen Frye