Thursday, May 6, 2010


Just a quick update for anyone interested. The weather in Girona is still pretty crappy. Cooler and lots of rain. Thankfully it has broken the last two days for some periods and I have been able to get out for a ride. Unfortunately I am not feeling well right now. Something has gotten into my system and is making my head hurt and my throat scratch a bit. I am guessing it is a result of two stages in Romandie with rain and some cooler temps.
Been apartment searching recently and have seen 4 apartments. I think I have a serious front runner, although it has one drawback: no a/c. I don't think summer here is quite as humid as the midwest, but I am guessing there are moments for sure that it could be unbearable. The front running apartment is on the north side of the building, so it shouldn't get hot/direct sunlight at its peak, but general air hotness/humidity could be yucky. I think a dehumidifier and fans could make things ok though, so unless I like either of the two apartments I am scheduled to look at tomorrow, I might go ahead and pull the trigger on this one.
Interesting fact about renting in Spain: the down payment on an apartment is the standard deposit of one month's rent, plus the first month's rent, but there is something different in Spain. You pay one month's rent as a commission to the rental agency. Kind of weird and lame, but I guess that is standard. Adios.


DaveR said...

Maybe the itching in your throat is the extra cash you have to cough up for a rental.

Seriously, hope you feel better.

Hip said...

Just bill it to Johan.

-Hip in Tosa