Sunday, April 4, 2010


I have arrived safe and sound at Vuelta Pais Vasco, but am without a bike! My race bike was stolen this evening from the mechanic truck. Not sure of the story really, but I believe the two mechanics were talking, turned around and a bike was gone. That bike happened to be mine. Bummer. I believe there is a spare for me, but it definitely puts everything out of order because it reshuffles the whole order of spare bikes for guys, changing sizes a bit, measurements, etc. Basically just a huge headache. Ah well, it will all get sorted and things will be fine.
Tomorrow the race begins at 13:30ish for 152km with 4 or 5 categorized climbs. Pretty sure it will not be a big group coming to the line or even the base of the final climb. It will likely splinter over the course of the difficult stage before. Weather is ok I think, so that might be a bit of good luck. See ya.

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Hip said...

I watched live on after recording the PhilCast show today. Were you #166? Hard to find you in any shots in the coverage. You need to post your race numbers here so we can watch for you. That or get some sweet yellow shoes like Chris Horner! And tell Chris I said hi...mention the giant chocolate bear's claw dounut to him.

Go get 'em Matthew.

--Hip in Tosa