Saturday, April 3, 2010

1 Hour:1 Bottle:1 Croissant

Today was a great success. I rode around town, recharged my Spanish cell phone and purchased/consumed a delicious croissant from one of the many bakeries/cafes. Tomorrow I have training early in the morning prior to my departure for this upcoming week of racing at Vuelta Pais Vasco. This race is sure to be a challenge and test of mental and physical fortitude.
The race takes place in the Basque Country of northern Spain where the roads are never flat and the weather not usually so nice. The race is known for rain accompanied by cool temperatures making the already hard terrain even tougher and mentally/physically taxing. I will do my best to update as I go. I believe race coverage can be found at Also you can check out the race website: If you scroll to the bottom of the home page you can click on "Etapa" 1,2... to see the stage profiles, start times, etc. And of course you can check out for news as well. We'll be in touch!

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