Monday, March 15, 2010


Today the weather is not so nice. Currently 50 and rain/clouds with wind. Yup, no bueno. Thankfully I have the luxury of waiting until a bit later when it is supposed to clear to take my easy ride for the day. It is a recovery day after a nice weekend of training in Silver City. Had two good rides with a lot of climbing, which was my goal for the weekend. I didn't feel super great on the bike, but I think the training was still productive.

Saturday, we drove to Silver the long way and dropped me off so I could begin my ride in the little town of Kingston, NM. Small = a few blocks long off the highway. I was dropped, Lisa drove to Silver and did some running and thesis work. I had a nice ride and when I got into Silver arrived at our beautiful, old hotel. It has been around since 1882 I think. The room was nice and small and we really enjoyed being cozy! Seriously, the sink was in the room, the tv was 12" maybe, but at the foot of the bed it looked like a big screen. The shower was behind the curtain that was built into the wall and thankfully there was a door for the other hole in the wall that was the toilet! Got to love it, it had charm.
Sunday we woke up, went to breakfast and realized it was already an hour later because of the daylight savings time business. Bummer, one hour of our day together wasted already. I got out to train, had a horrible start to the ride, but a decent finish and then Lisa and I were both so exhausted/tired from something neither of us can figure out, that we could barely force ourselves out the door to try and find some food. Just a note, on Sunday in Silver City, very few of the restaurants in the small selection in Silver City are open. I was hoping for this mexican place that does awesome, cheap burritos, but they were closed. We found another mexican place, but were unimpressed, so we went to the Food Basket grocery store and found some yogurt, Riesen candies and some bananas to hold us over until the daunting task of finding dinner presented itself. When that time arrived, we settled on Pizza Hut. Yes that is right, we dined IN at Pizza Hut; one of America's finest pizza establishments. After getting our fill, we managed to go back to the hotel and stay awake watching the Food Channel and Outdoor Channel for maybe another hour before sleep was inevitable.
Sleep, what is that? I don't think I slept at all as my body was busy hating me. I have no explanation, but I was incredibly restless and tossed & turned all night. Thankfully when I asked Lisa if I kept her up all night she said, "I think I was so exhausted from yesterday that I never noticed." Great!
At breakfast this morning, I checked the weather and saw a chance of rain/snow. Only then did I look out the window and see that they were not lying! The drive home was not as clean as expected due to this, but we made it and we are home safe now. One more week of home life before I am back to Europe. It is sure to be busy and hectic, but we are going to do our best to enjoy it!


Cindy said...

"The tv was maybe 12" but at the foot of the bed it looked like a big screen"-I love how you manage to find the good in most situations. I'm glad you had a good time.

Anonymous said...

What will be your next race?