Friday, March 12, 2010

It's Been Awhile

Yes so I am at home now enjoying time with Lisa, although she is hard at work on her thesis. It is crunch time and she is working hard. It is quite envious how hard she works in school. I think if most people had half of her attitude toward working hard, society might be just a little bit better off. Anyway, this weekend I am trying to steal her thoughts a little bit. We are going to Silver City for a nice weekend of training and chill time. She will work on all this thesis stuff while I train and then we have fun!We both really like Silver City. It is a quaint mountain town with a good touch of charm and great outdoor activity. We were both introduced to it last year at Tour of the Gila and I think we both found a liking to it.
I suppose that with this latest update you want to know what I have been doing for the last week or so: eat, sleep, train, hang out with Lisa. Yup, that is my life this last week, pretty good. New Mexico has treated me pretty well for training, too, although it has given me those notorious winds. I don't think anyone has experienced wind until they come here during the spring and stay for a period of about 10 days. Peak season is probably mid March to mid April. I invite you to come get your annual sand blast ex-foliation and teeth cleaning done right here in Las Cruces, NM. No reservations required!
These winds are actually great for training because they make you ride with good effort even if you don't want to. It is exhausting mentally and physically, but if you persevere you come out stronger. I think these winds helped me last year to find great strength and with this small dose I am receiving now, hopefully it will bump my season up an extra notch.
This last weekend Lisa and I had a few visitors, too. Garrett and Sarge dropped in for a day from Tucson to say hello and do a couple rides. And then John Franzen and Devin swung through on their spring break for a night. It was good to see everyone and welcome them into our cozy apartment. I think we did quite well! We went for a good mexican dinner on Saturday with Garrett and Sarge at a restaurant called El Sombrero. For me personally, it might be a new favorite, although I just went to get a bite at another new restaurant tonight and that was pretty good, too. I guess I will just add both of them to my good mexican restaurants here is Las Cruces. Seriously folks, this is the place to get some great mexican food. Hard to beat it. I'm out.


Cindy said...

So jealous. Wish I was going to Silver City! Be careful and have a great time!:}

Marissa said...

You know, you and Lisa ought to come down here to get some Mexican food.

Linda said...

Have fun while enjoying our fair little town. Where will you be training? If I see you on the road, I'll wave! My favorite Mexican Restaurant in Silver City is Mi Casita. It's located near the intersection of Pinos Altos Rd and Ranch Club Rd. Just roll down the window and your nose will lead the way! Enjoy, Linda Ferrara